What is Enlargement (Resizing, Dilation) ?

Geogebra - Enlargement

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My Geogebra - Enlargement of the Koru

Enlargement of the Koru, Scale Factor

Enlargement Scale Factor 2.jpg

Multiple Enlargements of the Koru

Multiple Enlargements.jpg


  • enlargement

  • dilate

  • scale factor

  • centre of enlargement

  • increase

  • reduce

  • invariant

  • object

  • image

  • negative

Use the online maths dictionary and write definitions of the words above when doing an enlargement.
Link to Online Maths Dictionary http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com/dictionary.html

Note: It is important when describing an enlargement to refer to the location centre (which must also be shown) and scale factor.